Saturday, February 13, 2016

End of week 5

This week was the beginning of lent. In which I gave up television. It was also the end of week 5 of my half marathon training.  Yesterday was long run day.   4 miles.  My running buddy called me during the last two miles and we chatted to confirm that I was running at a conversational pace.  I logged 20000 steps on my fit bit.  I earned a hi top badge.  Truthfully i expected a little more recognition.  Today was a rest day so I just thought about running without actually moving.  And i googled things related to running.  Some thoughts I need to share with my running buddies:  1.  evidently we need to invest in something called body glide to guard against chaffing.  2.  I read an article on how to take a better race photo.  Must remember to smile.   3.  I think Smokey Bear might be there for race day.  We are totally getting a picture with him.   Also, compression pants are not for the weak of heart.  Next I  will be shopping for matching race day outfits.  Photographers are drawn to brighter colors.

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