Sunday, November 19, 2017

Hoping for Favorable Outcomes

Home after a few days away.  Nine days off that flew by and seem like a short eternity.  Back to work tomorrow morning.  This has been day one of gluten/dairy free.  The STP, who has been gluten free since before it was cool, is eliminating dairy for a month to see if it will clear up some symptoms he has been suffering with.  I, the good wife, am going gluten and dairy free for the month in support of him.  The joy is that starting today we can complete a month before Christmas.  Honestly, I can taste those Christmas morning sweet rolls.  The STP unfortunately will still be gluten free regardless of the dairy experiment.  I'm sorry for that, but not sorry enough to eat gluten free sweet rolls.  Not sure what I'd like the outcome of the elimination month to be.  So I am choosing not to think about it.  Just do it.  I've lasted one day.  Only 30 to go.
Favored today that I have to spend more time thinking about things I have that I can't eat, instead of thinking about things I don't have to eat. 
Favored that I have plenty to do this month to keep my mind off of cheese.
Favored that I have located several GF/DF recipes to make Thanksgiving food.  Maybe lemon bars will be the new pumpkin pie.
Looking forward to the day after Thanksgiving. 
A picture of me in Colorado with a little pot.  Because that's legal there.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Best Four Weeks of Summer

As part of the catching up process for this year, I present a few pictures from the month Claire Marie spent visiting us.
 It was one rollicking adventure full of enough good times that I had to make a Shutterfly book to document it all. 
So this is just a few of the memory jogging pictures that show the absolutely best part was just hanging out together.
Taking in the vast country we live in.
Doing typical Wyoming things.
Such a privilege to have this month together.
Love this girl to the moon and back.

It's a Wonder

Didn't feel like I accomplished much today.  Feeling fat. And just not on top of things.  The STP took me out to dinner and a movie.  Because the way to cheer me up when I am feeling fat is to feed me. Went to eat Italian and see 'Wonder'.  The STP wanted to know what the movie was about.  I wasn't sure, although I had seen the trailer and several previews.  Hoped it wasn't going to be depressing.  Because I wasn't about that.  Good food.  Good movie.  Can't really tell you much more.  Because maybe you will want to see it yourself. 
Favored this evening to have someone who loves me enough to notice a funk when I'm in one and endeavor to lift me out of it.  Favored to have 'restaurant money' so I can order a stromboli.  Favored that the waiter brought me tirimisu for dessert.  On the house.  Favored to have half a stromboli in a box for lunch tomorrow.  Favored to have a husband and a son who have shared their wisdom about predictable plot twists--So I was a little prepared.  Favored to have emotions--I cried anyway.  Thankful for happy endings.

Path of the Flood Memorial Day Weekend

Let's record this event as well.  Because I wanted to run another half marathon this year, and because the STP was not interested in taking his vacation to support my running, I chose a race close to home.  As in close to my childhood home.  And then I talked several family members into running with me.  And I talked some of them into doing it while wearing tutus.
This is the crew that ran the half.
 And this is the crew that did the 12K
All together we represented five states.
Four sisters and a sister in law.  Three generations. 
At least two crazy aunts.
One family. 
 So glad we did this.
Makes me wish I was still running.
Too bad I'm not good at running and I don't really like running.  But I love finishing.

Love each one of these women.  Proud to call them family.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Some Moments Missed

Somewhere in the last year or so I got lost in the technology.  I don't know how to listen to music anymore.  And I don't know how to deal with photos.  So in an attempt to catch up I downloaded the icloud to my pc.  At least that's what I think I did.
So here is an event from this year that you may have missed.
We had a new grandbaby.
Not that we had much to do with it, unless you count giving birth to his mom (35 years ago today!!) and keeping her alive.  Which come to think of it was not an easy thing, so we rightfully take great pride in Caleb Arnold Henry.  

 Here are the grandkids to date.  
This makes me feel old.  Which is good because I have an excuse for my technology ineptitude.  Grandmas are not supposed to know these things. 

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The Story of My Day

Today I completed 18/25 of a little project I am working on.
I made a pot of vegetable soup.
I took a bubble bath.
I read a few chapters of Vanishing Grace.
I wrote a few things down.
I listened to some Christmas music.
I shopped online.
I relaxed. 
All in all a very good day.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Just This One Favor

Day three of my nine days off.  Day one of our time away.  Started the day by stopping at the dentist for the STP to have a crown replaced.  Then we re-routed through a small city with a mall, a Kohl's, and a Hobby Lobby.  And we bought a new vacuum cleaner.  And a small metal black bird.  Just to prove that we really know how to get away.  And we topped off lunch with a Frosty, because we are not diary-free until next week.  Then in our excitement we left the city without refilling the gas tank.
And this is where things get dicey.  Because we drove about an hour and a half into the great open spaces of Wyoming before the STP noticed the gas gauge.  Which had a little picture of a gas pump lit up.  As in fill up immediately.  When we plugged in the GPS it initially said the nearest gas was 165.2 miles away.  Which seemed reasonable when I surveyed our surroundings.  As it turned out we were ONLY 15 miles from the nearest Shell station.  No worries.  I assured the STP I could run 13.1 miles in under 4 hours.  I could not, however, run back.  So we prayed.  Like for a miracle.  And we coasted down the hills and held our breath and lifted our feet going up the hills.  And we pulled into the gas station and pumped 15.5 gallons of gas into my 15 gallon gas tank.  And we thanked God for showing favor to stupid people. 
So let's review:  Dental care, vacuum cleaner, S'awesome sauce and a Frosty, 80% off fall decor at Hobby Lobby, safe travels, a car running on gas fumes.  This favor this day goes to me.  Yes indeed.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

God Loves You, but I'm His Favorite

Started a stretch of nine days off today.   At the end of day one the house is not cleaned and the laundry is not done.  But the STP and I picked up some wood at the Dodge City Building Center and if well begun is half done, then that project is well....begun. 
We borrowed a truck to haul the wood because the STP's truck was too small for the job.  Oh, yeah.  The DCBC owner helped load the wood, and put it on our tab.  The building center is like my Cheers.  Where they know my name and I'm always glad I came.  I am favored to live essentially across the street from the DCBC.  And to have a generous friend with a big truck.  And to be trusted enough to have a tab at the DCBC. 
Teaser:  The word HUGE is in the title of the plans for the new project.  My plan is to paint it red. 
Did a little baking this morning.  Thankful for Krusteaz gluten free/dairy free brownie mix and I was favored this morning to find two rotten bananas on the kitchen counter.  Just squeezed them out of their greasy black peels and turned them into a dozen gluten free/dairy free muffins. 
Thankful we are not really being dairy free until next week.  Made a pizza for supper to try and use up the cheese in the fridge.  Thankful an abundance of cheese covers a multitude of gluten free pizza crust.  I will miss pizza when we go dairy free.  Guess I will just have to eat more brownies.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Returning the Favor

Chapter 4 of Philip Yancey's book Vanishing Grace starts with this quote from Lewis Hyde:
Between the time a gift comes to us and the time we pass it along, we suffer gratitude.
I'm not exactly sure what he means by that, but it has made me think.   And brought me to this thought later in the chapter:
Grace dispensers give out of their own bounty, in gratitude (a word with the same root as grace) for what we have received from God.
 So I am thinking that merely to feel grateful, or even express that gratitude verbally (or in writing), falls short of the mark.  And indeed, when I experience God's favor the proper response is to pass it on.  To share the blessing.  Which brings me to Raffi's words of wisdom:
It's mine, but you can have some
With you I'd like to share it.
'Cause if I share it with you,
You'll have some too.
What exactly does suffering gratitude mean?

While I ponder....
I am grateful for a bathtub, a bank, and a bowl of salad.
I am grateful for heat, hot water and combustion engines.
I am grateful for skin, sight, and sunshine.
I am grateful for faith, hope, and love.

I would be willing to share most of these things with you.  Except maybe the bathtub. 

Favor of the Day

Tonight Mr. Prager spoke at UW.  He said ingrates are mean and unhappy.  Since I have no desire to be either mean or unhappy, I will instead be grateful.  Seems like a trade in my favor.
Today I am grateful for live streams.  And mountain streams.
I am grateful for spell check.  (Greatful looked right to me.)
I am greatful grateful for a successful deer hunt for the STP. Deer season ends tomorrow.  I will be even more grateful for the end of beard season.
I am grateful for sisters and daughters.  Especially the ones born in November.
Since I always give thanks in November, I often record my thanks for these sisters and daughters, so today I would like to say how grateful I am for my other siblings and children.  This year I sent them and their spouses each a birthday card somewhere around their actual birthday.  This is not typical, nor will I repeat this feat next year.  So I hope they appreciated the card, and the sentiment, and the effort.  Otherwise they could end up mean and unhappy.
Just sayin.