Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Last Christmas

Last Christmas I shopped for Christmas pajamas

For everyone who spent Christmas with me.
And no matter how many pictures we took, we never looked like the families in the Christmas pajama advertisements.  And plaid pajama pants make our butts look big.
So Christmas pajamas will not be a family tradition.  Just a once in a lifetime memory.
Recording here so I don't forget and start online shopping when it gets cold this weekend.

Saturday, December 03, 2016

What I Did On My Winter Vacation

Spent a few days in Steamboat Springs.  Just the STP and I.

Most of the time we spent inside, working on projects, drinking hot chocolate, listening to Christmas music, catching up on reading and relaxing, watching it snow.
But we did venture out in the snow--to Fish Creek Falls.

 A picture postcard perfect kind of day.
And then later in the week we ventured out again to Strawberry Park Hot Springs.
Which was prettier than a postcard.
And way more fun.  


Any Thing I Want--Winding Down

I would weed out and organize my recipes
I took several projects with me on vacation last week.  I felt like Mrs. Beaver in Narnia asking the STP to pack my sewing machine.
Organizing my recipes has been on my 'list' since 1992.
My first recipes were in a box.  Copied from my mom's recipes.  Filed in alphabetical order.
Gobs followed by Green Jello Salad
The STP reorganized them somewhere along the way into categories:  Cookies, Cakes, Vegetables
(When I reminded him he had done this, he couldn't remember doing it.  I reminded him how lucky he is to still be married to me.)
The recipe organization degenerated from there to include the original box and two manila folders full to overflowing with magazine pages, recipes written on the back of various items, and recipe cards that never got refiled into the box.  Some recipes I had two or three copies of because it was easier to call my Mom and get the recipe than it was to look for it here.
But last week, in the peace and quiet, with a fire in the fireplace and Christmas music playing, I tackled the recipes.  And I now have two three ring binders with all the recipes in page protectors.
The first step was sorting and weeding out.
Some challenges along the way, but I powered through.
Bean Salad did not make the cut.  This must have been one I copied from my mom when I first left home.  I have never made bean salad.  I can't get past the first ingredient.  My Mom made this at Christmastime.  I did not like it.  I threw this recipe away.
There was a recipe for salad dressing scrawled on the back of this meal ticket.  I threw this one out as well.  Maybe I should have kept it I case I ever have to prove I served these nine days at Mahaffey Camp.  Time off the tribulation and all.
The best part of the recipe project was the nostalgia of where and when and from whom I have gathered recipes over the past 35 years.  The original No Bake recipe that I knew by heart during my senior year of college.  The no-fail pie crust recipe from the blood bank tech at Allegheny General. There were recipes written by my maid of honor, given to me as a wedding gift.  Recipes in my Mom's handwriting and my Mother-in-law's handwriting..  The fluff frosting that was on the cake that welcomed us when we moved to Spring Creek.  A recipe for dishpan oatmeal molasses cookies from the year I baked cookies with my Spring Creek neighbor.  Recipes for several varieties of zucchini bread, chocolate zucchini cupcakes, zucchini pie, zucchini cobbler. Recipes for wassail and cheese balls served when I had people from the church over at Christmas time.  A recipe for beef and noodles that was delivered to the house after a car accident.  The recipe for the soup my sister made during our first sister's weekend in CA.  At least two copies of Joyce B.s Pasta Salad.  So many recipes with an associated person, place, and event.  All good memories. (Evidently and understandably, I don't ask for or keep recipes from bad events or people I don't like.) 
Feeling so accomplished.   And a little hungry.  And so blessed.  And a little over-confident.
Maybe I really could organize my photos....

Monday, November 21, 2016

Who's Counting

I am glad I did not set out at the beginning of the month to list 100 things I am glad about.
I am glad it is warm enough for the precip to be in the form of rain for my trip home from work this evening.
I am glad to have stopped for groceries and gas before I got home so I don't have to go back out this rainy evening.
I am glad to come home to a fire in the pellet stove and a dog who is glad to see me.
I am glad to have a plan for Thanksgiving day that includes the STP, the Goob, friends who invited us over for Thanksgiving dinner, cranberry jello salad and gluten free chocolate mousse cake.
I am glad to have winter tires on my car.
I am glad to be home.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Amen and Praise the Lord

Today the STP preached from David's Psalm of Thanksgiving in I Chronicles 16.  I am glad to worship with the STP.  Today I sat in a different pew.  It is like visiting a new church.  But the same preacher and the same God.  I am glad to have a God Who is a covenant maker Who is totally faithful.  I am glad to have a God Who is a sovereign creator Who is awesomely powerful.  And I am glad to have a God of salvation Who is mercifully loving.
This afternoon I accidentally took a nap.  I have an overwhelming number of things to do this week, but I am glad that rest is a spiritual discipline that I have just about mastered.  I wish I had woken less cranky, but I am glad that I woke up.  So there.
After my nap, my cranky self and the STP worked on the budget.  I do not know whether I am thankful for Dave Ramsey or not, but I am glad that I only have to budget once a month.  And I am glad to have a new start and money in the entertainment and restaurant envelopes.  And I am glad the STP is mostly patient with my cranky self.  I am glad we have some time away scheduled next week.
This evening I am drinking green tea, eating a Dove dark chocolate and reminding myself how glad I am.

Monday, November 07, 2016

Virtual Tour de Bridge

In honor of Uncle Ronnie's sixtieth birthday and because this was the year of the Tour de Bridge.  And because we didn't manage to schedule a bike ride and because I'm not ready to give this up...

I am glad to announce the 2016 Lane Family Biennial Tour de Bridge--Virtual Edition.

Here's how it works.  
1. Ride your bike.  
You pick the time and the place.  You pick the bike.  (As we are gettin a late start, stationary bicycles are acceptable.)  You pick the distance.  You can even choose the increasingly popular sag wagon option.
2.  Take your picture.
Bonus points if you are wearing an official tour shirt from a previous tour.  
Your picture should include your bicycle.  
Bonus points if your picture also includes a bridge.   Or a tunnel.
Note:  If you choose the sag wagon option, your photo should include a snack or a drink.
3.  Submit your photo.  
Post it on Facebook.  Text it to any and all Lane family members.  Email it to Aunt Brenda.  Print it and mail it to Gram.  

This ride is open to all Lane family members.  Regardless of age.  Old (Looking at you, Uncle Ronnie) or new family members (looking at you, Kord Tagley). 
Lane family wannabes are welcome to participate. 
#2016tourdebridge      #60isthenew35       #happybirthdayron

The Fine Print:  Since this is a virtual tour, photoshopped images will be accepted for consideration.

Sunday, November 06, 2016

Be Glad In it

Today we started practices for the children's Christmas program at church....And I am glad there were children at practice....And I am glad that there were adults who were more than willing to help with music and costumes and set construction....And I am glad for my Pinterest board called 'I might help with the Christmas program'....And I am glad the wise people brought gifts....And I am glad that God came to earth in a human body.

I made chicken enchilada lasagna for fellowship dinner...And I am glad I had a plan ahead of time...And I am glad I precooked the chicken and mixed up the sauce Friday evening...And I am glad it is gluten free and doesn't taste gluten free....And I am glad I am not eating dairy free because my chicken enchilada lasagna recipe calls for 1.5 cups of sour cream and 5 cups of shredded cheese.

This afternoon the Steelers lost to the Ravens...And I am glad that will not have any affect on my day tomorrow.

Tonight my small group met to discuss chapter three of "The Good and Beautiful Community"...And I am glad that the designated snack maker made yummy things...And I am glad to be in community with these people...And I am glad to have people who rejoice and are glad with me.

Tomorrow I will be still be expecting a package to arrive containing a surprise and a project....And I am glad that there is a Wyoming, MI and a Wyoming, MN and a Wyoming, NY....And I am glad that so far my package has only traveled to one of those places....And I am glad that I am not in a big hurry...And I am glad for anticipation.

And I am glad for my sister Nancyann who still reads and comments on my blog posts.

Thursday, November 03, 2016

He Has Made Me Glad

Yesterday I cleaned my house and watered my houseplants.  In the guest room I discovered a pot of succulents that I had transplanted several weeks ago and promptly forgotten.  Turns out my succulents thrive on neglect.  ...And I was glad for clean water to drink and enough water to water plants just cause I like looking at them.  ...And I was glad to remember a beautiful summer wedding from which I scavenged most of the succulents. ... And I was glad I made a family wedding in CA a priority in my summer.  ....And I was glad for a sister who makes hospitality and generosity look easy. ...And I was glad there is a picture of  lots of my extended family under a big tree in the middle of a vineyard.
I also took down the bats from the front porch.  ...And I was glad that I had bats to hang on the front porch.  ...And I was glad to remember a wedding 6 Octobers ago. ...And I was glad that marriage is even better than that wedding.   ...And I am glad that I have flight reservations for Christmas.