Monday, September 19, 2016

Son Number One

This guy.
Who had the best quote of the summer.  "I'd rather motor back to shore with one fish than row back with two." 
Who was out on the water, not once, but twice.

 Who hung out with his family.
And was supportive of his sister.
Who got out of the car at three, 
count them,
three national parks.
Who got a haircut.
 And posed for multiple family photos.
 And wore a tie.
That one time.
Before he headed back to school.
  This was the summer we finally cleaned out the toy box (ala Toy Story 3), he learned to cook something other than ramen noodles and cardboard pizzas, we searched for a common interest so that we had 'something other than finances and his future to discuss'.
Enjoyed my summer with this one.  Miss him just a little bit. 

Sunday, September 18, 2016

A Matter of Perspective

 Traveling backwards in time to July, we stopped off at Yosemite National Park on our way to a beautiful family wedding.
And while we were there we hiked to see some waterfalls.  (Along with a gazillion other people who stopped off in Yosemite the same time we were there.)  And I took a few blurry memory jogging pictures (in which I tried to edit out all the gazillion hiking people.)
Except the people I love.  Especially the ones who take good pictures of ourselves.  The Vernal Falls to Nevada Falls trail was particularly beautiful.  Different views around each turn.  Mist off of the waterfalls created multiple rainbows that shifted depending on the angle of the sun and the direction the wind was blowing the mist.
Looking back down the valley at one point there was a large bright rainbow that I thought I needed a picture of.  You know so I could remember to tell you about it.  And show it to all of the people who asked to see my vacation pictures.  But right in the middle of the shot were 4 young men who had climbed out on a rock ledge that jutted out over the river. So we waited somewhat impatiently for them to move.  To get their picture to post to facebook and move on.  Instead they took their shirts off and struck a few more poses, in no hurry to move on.  And while we we standing there, letting a quarterzillion people pass us on the trail, we realized that they had no idea they were standing under an amazing rainbow. The people taking their picture were on the same level they were, looking out straight out over the rocks.  No way from their perspective they were seeing the same thing we were.
And then Princess Amidala and I decided we would take their best picture of the summer for them.  And we hollared and waved to get their attention.  And tried to explain with exaggerated primitive sign language that we wanted to take their picture because they were standing under a rainbow.  Which is a complicated bit of information to communicate over a significant distance with rushing water all around.  But we finally convinced them to turn around and face up the mountain.
And we took their picture.  Then we hiked back down to meet them and Amidala tried to explain that we were not trying to pick them up, but if they gave her their number she would send them a picture.  And then we moved on.
And only later did I think of the times I feel like I am out on a ledge.  (And if you know me I am a big scaredy cat about ledges and high places.)  And a lot of times I have put myself out there.  And I what I don't see is the rainbow.  The promise that God will never leave me nor forsake me.  I can't see from my perspective that He sees the real picture from His perspective.  And I am covered by His promise.
That's Nevada Falls in the background.  This is the subset of the gazillion people in Yosemite that day that I love enough to want to remember.  I think there is a big bright rainbow over us.  We just can't see it from here.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

For the Record

 Sometimes I use my blog as a memory jogger.  So I can't let this year go by without documenting this event.  From the beginning of the year list where I asked the question:

So what would I do in 2016 if I could do anything I wanted?
One answer was I would run a half marathon-- with a friend or two.

While the sky is apparently falling, Ms Brenda and two friends prepare to run the Yellowstone Half Marathon
So after downloading a couch to half workout schedule, months of preparation, one lost toenail, one embarrassing trip to the dressing room at Scheel's to try on compression shorts, and numerous hours spent reading about running and listening to audiobooks on long runs, I actually got to the starting line of the Yellowstone Half Marathon.  With a friend from work and my daughter.
We bought matching running shirts.
This girl flew out from Baltimore and stuck with me the entire race.  And documented each one of the thirteen miles we traversed.
Mile one.
And seriously, my glasses were steamed up like this most of the race.  And it was much harder than I thought it would be.  And I was thirsty a lot.  And I might have whined.  And walked more than I planned to.
Mile 8.  Really.
But I also ran.  A half marathon.

And I stayed on my feet until mile 11.      And then I fell on my face.  
But I got back up and brushed myself off (literally) and I kept going.  Like I was some kind of Olympic athelete.
And I finished,  And I got a medal.  A finisher's medal.  Because I finished.
And we wore the medals all the next day.  (And maybe parts of the next several days.)  And we posed in front of a giant jackalope and the American flag.  
And sang the star spangled banner.  

And when I showed my medal to a competitive friend of mine, he said, "Oh, did everyone get a medal?"  And I said, "No, they only gave them to people who finished."  

Sunday, April 03, 2016

Add to the list

Is organize my recipes on the list of things I would do if I could do anything?  Well it should be. Today I threw out 30 recipes.  And then I threw out 30 more.  It didn't make a dent.  But I allowed myself to feel accomplished anyway.  Then I took a nap.  Because I didn't feel like cooking anything.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

A thought about compression pants

In order to prevent chafing I bought a pair of capri length compression pants. Compression pants are supposed to help my circulation as well as prevent chafing when I run.  Putting them on is like putting on a pair of Spanx.  And running outside in them is like wearing your Spanx on the outside of your clothing--in terms of both comfort and fashion. Today I discovered an added benefit.  When I put on my compression pants and stand with my feet a little more than shoulder width apart I have a thigh gap.  Go me!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Almost Half Way

The half marathon training is approaching the half way point.  My long runs have been 6 miles each of the last two weeks.  Last week 6 miles seemed about 3 miles longer than 5 miles.  This week six miles seemed like 6 miles.
I bought new running shoes. I looked at all the advice online to have them fitted by a professional and then I ordered them online.  They are fine.  And they are trimmed in lime green.
Next I will be shopping for approriate head gear.  Can't imagine I will wear a hat, so I am concentrating on headbands.  The running world is full of things to research and spend your money on.  
Have a running playlist and learned to use the track exercise feature on my fitbit app on my phone.
Mercy Me sings :  I am learning to run freely,  Understanding just how He sees me.  Think I will have to figure out audio books if I am going to run 13 miles.
In other news, I booked a flight 'Back East' for Mother's Day.  Going to spend a week with my Mom. Drinking iced tea.  All good stuff.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

End of week 5

This week was the beginning of lent. In which I gave up television. It was also the end of week 5 of my half marathon training.  Yesterday was long run day.   4 miles.  My running buddy called me during the last two miles and we chatted to confirm that I was running at a conversational pace.  I logged 20000 steps on my fit bit.  I earned a hi top badge.  Truthfully i expected a little more recognition.  Today was a rest day so I just thought about running without actually moving.  And i googled things related to running.  Some thoughts I need to share with my running buddies:  1.  evidently we need to invest in something called body glide to guard against chaffing.  2.  I read an article on how to take a better race photo.  Must remember to smile.   3.  I think Smokey Bear might be there for race day.  We are totally getting a picture with him.   Also, compression pants are not for the weak of heart.  Next I  will be shopping for matching race day outfits.  Photographers are drawn to brighter colors.